Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Medals for Extraordinay Yet Overlooked Achievement

Vintage teaspoon stamped, watch gears, coffee pot charm, pearls.
This new work came about through an exploration to find a framework for mixed media jewellery. I strenuously deny that it was birthed in order to legitimize my love for rummaging in flea markets. Well, maybe a little. For years I've collected all sorts of small treasures and at times have tentatively included a few in my bead work. A short while ago, I sat down with pencil, visual diary and lots of inspiration in the form of journals.

Copper, bee charm, watch gears, Victorian button, beads, old necklace.
I can't say when the moment happened, I wasn't looking at medals or jewellery. I don't believe in muses. I think the process is about allowing  time and  focus for a free flowing set of images to occur. I usually get caught up in the urgency to make something, I don't allow time for something new to percolate. It's a valuable lesson: give time to start of the creative process, the germination of an idea.

Copper, hare charm, part of a chandelier, brass thingie stamped.
The concept I've chosen is medals. Within that framework there are infinite possibilities for composition, which suits me. I prefer making one off works of art rather than churning out duplicates of the same design.

Using my metal work skills, I alter and modify components to fit my design as well as fabricate the findings to suit.The images, words I've stamped and the components lend each other meaning, a narrative in some cases.

At last I have a chance to use my treasures and hunt for more (in spite of my denial).
Best of all, they are fun to make, affording me an opportunity to play.

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