Thursday, June 13, 2013

Decorated - Exhibition by Marisa Cappetta

I'm pleased to announce the details of my exhibition, 'Decorated', opening 6pm,  22 October 2013, St Andrew's College. The show is curated by Pip Dinsenbacher.

When I showed Pip the new jewellery (pictured in my previous post) she got very excited and after a bit of conversation about how the pieces are made and the overall concept, she offered me the show. The title is a word play, it means to confer an honor and is also a reference to the decorative arts.

I'll be working pretty hard over the course of the next 5 months, preparing 50 - 60 new pieces for the show.  I already have 10 laid out on the bench, ready for fabrication. The medal theme is rich with symbolism and open to interpretation, from fairly sober  to parody and humour.

An exhibition is a special time in an artist's life. It's a chance to tell an entire story and fully develop and realise a concept. Looking forward to the months ahead!

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