Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Returning to Bead

After a long absence from any serious beading while I finish my folio for The Hagley Writers Institute, I finally returned to the table to create. I made this necklace, a simple embellished band in Patawatomi Stitch. The dip of my needle into the bead dish and sparkle of crystal gave me great joy! I collect all sorts of things that eventually find a place in a finished piece of art or jewelry. I knew I was missing my stash of pretty things when I wrote a poem about them.

Unruly Collections

I’ve got a brass tap
that has a plump breast.
it’s sudden breath
a bird in my hand.  

Webster’s glasses
slips down its nose.
It illustrates croziers and comets,
mushrooms and mustard
on pages of dictionary-amber. 
Pulp fiction postcards
and vintage erotica pinups,
is where I sin.
A shrine of Singer sewing parts
is where I pray. 

Creatures of hinges and cogs
pulleys and keys
collect in corners,
mumble and peer,
watchful for fallen beads
they dart out and eat. 

Cigarette card butterflies
stir when I rattle
my sewing machine.
They collect pollen
from the poetry
stitched to my walls.

Marisa Cappetta