Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new design series for me. I've been wanting to bring more recycled materials into my work. The central motif and leaves are cut from a biscuit tin. I formed the flower, doming it and making a large cab shape. The beaded beads are my design. the neck ring is neoprene. The end caps, sterling silver, again, my own silver work.

I'm planning to upcycle more materials. It's important to me.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The pictures to follow are my explorations in making beaded beads based on polyhedron templates. I'm fascinated with self-supporting beaded beads. It's not easy to achieve as woven beads tend to articulate and attempts to make a hollow structure usually collapse. By placing crystals at certain points in the design, I achieved a self supporting structure. They're also light, making them good for earring designs. I plan on making a necklace from the red and black beads. I found that by using beads a size down, I created a smaller accent bead which will act as spacers between the larger ornamental beads. The outcome of my experiments is very pleasing.

Top view of the 5 sided beaded bead.

My favourite beaded bead, the 5 sided polyhedron. Made with size 11 seed beads and 4mm fire polished crystals.

The top view of the 4 sided polyhedron bead.

I then moved on to a 4 sided polyhedron. This beaded bead is made from size 11 seed beads, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm fire polished crystals.

Top view of the 3 sided bead.
I began my explorations into beaded beads with this 3 sided polyhedron. Made from size 11 seed beads and 6mm fire polished crystals