Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've finished more beaded beads and a bezel around one of the vintage buttons.

Tension within a composition refers to the interplay of elements. In painting or drawing, it's the way objects or subjects interact with each other, colours blend or contrast. Tension is also affected by the manipulation of perspective. Lines in drawings also create tension, as they cross and diverge or play against the edge of the canvas.

Tension is defined in clothing or jewelry by the way it plays against the lines of the body. Sometimes designers choose to enhance the body, sometimes disguise or manipulate the organic shapes. For example, a designer like Colette Dinnegan favours lines that flow with the natural shape of the body whereas the architectural structure of an Issey Miyake garment reshapes the silhouette.

In my composition, I've thought about tension with the composition and also how the final piece will interact with the body. I intended juxtaposing disparate vintage elements. I wish to create harmony, so I will use beaded beads to resolve tension between the disparate elements through repeating pattern and colour. I would like my necklace to grace the collar bones and shoulders with flowing lines.


  1. I am really enjoying following along with this process Marisa! It is very exciting seeing your vision emerging into life and reading all about your creative process. Can't wait to see the finished piece! love Karen

  2. This piece is going to be wonderful, Marisa. I love the components (especially watch parts) and the color combo. I clicked to follow your blog, so I can see the finished piece. xoxo Juanita

  3. Beautiful, you must have a lot of patience to work with such small components. It is great to read the process behind a design and you write so well :)